Owl of the Month: Little Owl


Introducing Little Owl

I registered for an Adobe Illustrator class because it is a prerequisite for an Adobe Photoshop class.  I didn’t know what I signed up for and didn’t even think to look it up.  I just did it.  About three weeks into the class I realized that when they named the software Illustrator they really meant it.  This is the first drawing class I have taken since junior high school.  I almost panicked and quit because I don’t really draw.  How was I going to be able to do the final project?

What I found out is that I like drawing.  I remember so much from what I learned in elementary school and junior high school.  So my drawings may not be absolutely stunning, but I am able to express myself with them.  I feel like I have a new super power, yes I have other super powers, don’t you?


The beginning sketch of Little Owl.

Little Owl, all green and pink, is my creation.  I studied different photos and cartoons and drawings of owls.  I wanted to make something small, simple, cute, and memorable.      I sketched Little Owl out one evening.  The next day I traced my sketch using the Pen Tool in Illustrator.  I carefully picked happy shades of pink and green.  I wasn’t sure if Little Owl would be a pink owl with green wings or a green owl with pink wings.  It took a while for me to decide.  I think I made the right choice.

I’m making it a goal to draw a new owl each month for an Owl of the Month.  I have lots of ideas of where this might go, but I knew that to get it started I’d have to introduce you to Little Owl.

About misslittleowl

A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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