Don’t Forget to Flush: A book review

The eBook version of Flush.

The eBook version of Flush.

When it comes to reading…

It’s time to change things up.  It’s time for something different.  It’s time to Flush.

Meet Noah and Abbey, two kids growing up in Florida.  Their dad is in jail, and their mom is talking divorce.  You might think that’s a lot for two kids to deal with and maybe too much to handle.  You would be mistaken.  These kids are also devising a plan to stop Dusty Muleman, the eco bad guy, from dumping his casino boat’s sewage into the ocean.

Hiaasen did a great job of getting into the brains of kids;  knowing how to sneak out of the house, wanting to be outdoors exploring, not wanting to be left out of anything.  I relate to Noah and Abbey’s fear of their parents possibly getting a divorce.    I remember being a kid and worrying that my parents would split when things were getting stressful.  It’s easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed with uncertainty, but Noah and Abbey take action by divvying responsibilities and going out on a limb to make life right.

There are also situations in this book where Noah is bullied by the son of Dusty Muleman and another kid from the neighborhood.  Hiaasen presents the situations in a realistic manner.  It is an evolving problem which escalates with severe results.

As always, with Hiaasen’s novels, I am absolutely intrigued by the characters in Flush.  There are over-the-top characters determined to make things right in the world, and then the complete opposite, the folks who could absolutely care less what’s right in the world and do everything to make it worse.  There is a guardian angel pirate and an unexpectedly helpful lady who smells like tangerines and can spot a liar ten miles away.  The characters are unforgettable, and it was sad to say goodbye when I finished reading the book.

I don’t live by the ocean so I enjoyed reading a novel that took me there, but it also reminded me of how fragile the ocean is regardless of its expansive size.  It makes me wonder if we are all crazy to not be crazy enough to do more to protect our oceans and waterways, our environment.

This novel was enjoyable to read.  I am determined to read all of Hiaasen’s young adult novels this summer.  Just in case you’re wondering, Hiaasen is the author of Hoot.  I haven’t seen the movie, but I did read the novel a few years ago.  The novel has different characters than those in Flush, but they have similar in-depth eccentricities.  If you get a chance, I hope you check out a Hiaasen novel for young readers this summer.

Carl Hiaasen has written four novels for young readers.  Flush is the second novel which was written in 2005.

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