Super Student Poster Activity


I have been struggling to find a getting to know you project for my 3rd-5th grade students that includes a product to hang on the wall, creativity, fun, can be completed in a short amount of time and can be easily assigned to students who join the class later in the year.

I have tried Wordles, silhouettes with poems, life maps, timelines and more. What I have learned is that I don’t want to do a project that relies on technology because it’s not always available. The silhouettes, life maps, and timelines required a lot of instruction and time to complete. It was difficult to wrap up the projects in a timely manner. Also, when new students joined my class, I couldn’t easily assign the projects to them.

I’m hoping that I’ve found the answer to my problem in the Super Student poster which can be found at It is a large poster that is graphically appealing. The questions students have to answer are bordered with quote bubbles that look like they belong in a comic book. There is a super hero in a billowing cape that students color in and decorate to look like themselves.

Instead of giving students the posters right away, I have typed out the questions on one page. Once students have satisfactorily completed their questions, I will allow them to begin work on the final draft poster. For students who find it difficult to track the questions from paper to poster, I can number the bubbles on their poster to match the rough draft.

Rough Draft Worksheet

Rough Draft Worksheet

SuperStudentRoughDraft (printable)

 Hopefully, I will have a classroom wall covered with colorful posters that represent my students for this new school year. I should have an update on how this project went in September.

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