Reminders of the 2011 Tsunami

Busy. Back to work, back to college, part-time job, dog and cat and house, swollen ankle. Busy.

But there’s still so much to write about and share.

I want to share more pics from my trip to the Oregon Coast over summer vacation.


I found out that the pieces of wood that wash up on this beach are part of a story. See how the wood is notched? Well, that’s significant.

I went to a tsunami safety presentation while staying at Cape Lookout State Park. One of the friendly rangers did a presentation which taught us what causes a tsunami and where we should go if a tsunami warning were to occur. He also told us about the different items washing onto the beach from Japan, reminders of the 2011 tsunami. Half of a pier washed up on the beach at Cape Lookout and the other half washed up on another beach. Currently they are housing a torii gate that appeared on the beach one day. A torii is a gate to a temple or shrine. They are tall and red. Because the gate is completely intact and only has some of the coloring rubbed off, because it is of religious importance, the rangers are working with Japan to find out what they would like to do with the gate.

The wood with the notches is also likely to be from Japan. The ranger told us that in Japan the notched wood is common in order to save on using nails.


Seeing the wood for myself reminded me of how connected the Earth is . No matter how far away a place may seem we are connected by the air, the wind, the rain, and waters.

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A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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