Car + Camping = Dutch Oven Blueberry Cobbler

I used to equate camp cooking with hot dogs and oatmeal, but I have amazing friends who let me in on a secret. From Holcomb Valley Pinnacles to the Grand Canyon, I learned from them that I would be eating better on camping trips than I ever do at home on my own. Now my favorite part of any camping trip is planning super tasty meals for the fireside.

On a recent rock climbing trip, I made blueberry cobbler in a Dutch oven for a breakfast treat on a semi drizzly morning.

I never know if I’ll be cooking when there are still coals in the fire so I bring along charcoal and a chimney starter. I stuff the bottom of the chimney starter with junk mail, place the charcoals into the chimney, and light the paper. After about 15 minutes the charcoals are usually ready to go. Sometimes it takes a little more time for all of them to ignite.

Chimney starter for the coals

Chimney starter for the coals

I bought vanilla cake mix from Trader Joe’s and mixed it in my camping pot.

Vanilla Cake Mix

Vanilla Cake Mix

For easier cleaning, I lined my Dutch oven with foil and added the blueberry pie filling along with cinnamon.

Line the Dutch oven with foil for easier cleaning

Line the Dutch oven with foil for easier cleaning.

Once the cake mix was ready, I poured it on top of the blueberries.


Ready to cook

I put about 12 charcoals on the bottom of the dutch oven and 12 charcoals on the top.


Put charcoals on the top and bottom.

I was so excited when we could start smelling the cobbler. It was cooking…slowly…and the charcoals eventually started dying out. It’s only supposed to take 20 minutes to cook this dessert.

Cooking, but slowly

Cooking slowly

No worries.

I started the camp stove and put the Dutch oven on top. In no time the cobbler was ready to be devoured by campsite number 2 and campsite number 7.

Camp stove to the rescue

Camp stove to the rescue

You can find this recipe at Recipe Search.

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