Working Around an Ankle Injury

Normally, I play to exercise – rock climbing, circus arts, biking with my dog. I’ve suddenly had to adapt to a subtle injury. While hiking up a hill in flip flops, I put a lot of stress on my posterior tibial tendon. It’s a tendon that goes along the inner ankle and supports the arch of the foot. At first I did have pain, but I thought my muscles were just sore. So I kept doing all kinds of activities until my ankle swelled, and I haven’t seen the ankle bone in a month. It looks worse than it feels which makes it hard to stay off of it.

Swollen left inner ankle

Swollen left inner ankle

I don’t want to lose all of the strength that I’ve built up so I’ve been searching for different exercises and activities that I can do that won’t aggravate my ankle. I google searched “15 minute ab workouts” and found one that is perfect.

The exercises can be adapted for any fitness level and target a variety of core muscles.

It’s a good exercise segment for warming up before doing a lot of stretching.

Tomorrow I’m doing an antigravity yoga class at Shine Alternative Fitness. I get to do a lot of upper body and ab work without putting strain on my ankle. Much of the time is spent hanging upside down from our hips. It’s almost an entire hour that my ankle is elevated and resting.


Anti Gravity Yoga Hammocks

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3 Responses to Working Around an Ankle Injury

  1. Alex says:


    Just interested as your ankle swelling looks just like mine. Happened from light walking/standing (although I am quite fit!) and been swollen for ~6 weeks. Last two weeks with no pain. Of course I am seeking professional medical advice.

    But I am interested in how long it took your swelling to completely disappear?


    (FYI found your post from google images search)


    • It took a long time for the swelling to go away because I didn’t know what was wrong with my ankle. Once I found out that my posterior tibial tendon was injured, I learned that I need to use arch supports for both of my feet. I haven’t had too many problems with my ankle since I started using arch supports in all of my shoes. I just buy arch supports at the store instead of investing in orthotics. If I do start to get swelling, I ice my ankle, keep it raised for a while and take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine. I’m glad you are seeing a doctor for your injury. Take it easy, and I hope you get better soon.


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