Science Project: Keeping Student Desks Organized

I remember my desk in elementary school being a mess. Gosh, my desk right now is a mess, but my teacher desk has drawers. It’s less cave-like than student desks. Teachers often try to get kids to be responsible and keep their desks clean, but it can seem impossible. Things get smooshed, jammed, and packed into those desks sometimes not to be seen until the end of the school year.

Luckily, there are always people thinking of new ways to try to solve problems. I walked into a teacher’s room to find a student for testing. As the student got ready to leave, he pulled out a “drawer” from his desk and neatly put away his materials. I was amazed. I looked around. Every student had this set up.


Drawers? Yes, drawers. Not the kind made of wood or plastic, but the kind that comes from recycling the lids of boxes from cases of paper. They fit perfectly in the desks at school.


I asked the teacher how he came up with this idea. He said he couldn’t take credit. The idea came from someone on Pinterest.


He said the box top drawers are working well. Since he and one of the other third grade teachers swap classes during the day, this set up helps visiting students keep their hands out of the desks.


I love this idea. It’s simple and repurposes an object. It reminds me to ponder problems that I need to solve, and look for unique solutions.

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A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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