Smiles, Chuckles, Etc.

Monday was a staff development day. I had to go to a different school to attend a variety of workshops. I found the school (thank you Google maps and navigation), but there was hardly any room to walk in the multipurpose room so I ran into the bathroom real quick. When I came out, there was no longer an army of teachers being funneled through the double doors into the hallways. I wasn’t sure what to do, but a familiar face appeared. My principal from last year helped me find my schedule. Whew.

As I wandered the halls of this elementary school, in search of my first workshop, I couldn’t help but smile. There were owls everywhere, the school mascot. I felt like I was walking through the hallways of my blog.

I was nervous about attending classes for the day, not sure that I would really know anybody. It was a relief to walk into my first class and see familiar friendly faces with an empty seat to share.

On Thursday, I taught a quick lesson in a third grade class. While walking around the room to see what the kids were working on, I spotted the book Frindle on a student’s desk. I asked if I could look at it, and I read a few pages. It’s hilarious! The teacher let me borrow an extra copy of the book. I hope it makes me laugh all the way to the end.

I finally figured out a familiar face. There was a teacher in one of the staff development classes who looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember from where. I was thinking that maybe we crossed paths in college. It just hit me this evening. We worked at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino’s arcade about fifteen years ago.


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A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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