Good Morning 2014

I am so happy to wake up on this first day of 2014 fresh and wide-eyed. It always feels good to start the first day of the year well-rested and ready to get outside to play.

Last night I hung out at my friend’s house. She has been out of town for a while so it was nice to catch up. We thought we would do a Netflix marathon until midnight (EST), but chatting was enough.

I got home a couple hours before midnight which gave me time to make preparations for the New Year.

Something I’ve never done before is write a letter to my future self. Last night, I took about an hour to write a letter to my future self. I wrote about my hopes and asked some questions about how things are going. It was weird. I had to imagine my future self already existing in a parallel universe and able to read the letter and respond.

I also wrote goals for the New Year. I don’t normally do this, but I’ve been very focused on getting things in order and figured out in 2013 so I am aware of key things I want to work on this year.

My first goal for the year is to set a date each month as a Day of Decluttering. I am notorious for letting mail pile up, starting projects and not finishing them, finishing projects and not realizing they need to be put away. School stuff piles up at home too. It doesn’t take long before I’m buried in piles of papers, binders, and crafty supplies. I’m hoping this small change will help me to regularly assess my clutter and keep it in check.

Over the summer I volunteered with the National Park Service doing public relations work. I loved this experience. Through this volunteer internship I met new people, learned new job skills, and was immersed in the workings of the National Park system. I want to make sure that I continue finding these volunteer opportunities or really any opportunity that helps me to learn new skills in areas of interest.

The last goal for the year is to make my home really feel like my home. I bought my house from my grandmother’s estate a few years after she passed away. I basically moved into a house where the previous owner had not moved out. My grandma never got rid of anything so the house was packed full. It has been a struggle to dig out. This is the year to take the remaining items and use them, recycle, repurpose, or find new homes for them.

Well, time to get 2014 started with a fun hike at Red Rock National Conservation Area. Happy New Year!

About misslittleowl

A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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