Students Apply for Grants to Fund Their Own Projects


The big project I’m trying with my students this year is the School Community Service Project. I’ve been using a variety of resources to guide my students in understanding community service and choosing projects of their own to do at school. Some students are working independently, some have formed teams in class, and some are even recruiting other students at school to help. It’s a challenge keeping up with the different projects, but it has been worth it to let go of some control and let the kids take charge of their ideas and goals.

Some of the kids need supplies for their projects. I have money in a fundraiser account so I decided to allow the kids to apply for money to pay for their projects. I created a grant form for the kids to fill out. Any group that needs supplies has to research the supplies, find out where I can purchase them, and how much they cost. It’s not too difficult and luckily I have had enough funds to approve everyone’s grants. Some of the items purchased are soil, succulent plants, chess, and checkers. Following is a link to the grant template: GrantAppTemplate

Here is a list of some of the projects the kids are working on:

School Beautification

Flowers for Kids Going Through Tough Times

SCRATCH tutoring

Reading Tutors

How to Behave at Lunch Commercials

Fitness Fun Club

Morning Warm-Ups

Kindergarten Helpers

Chess and Checkers Club

All of the projects required students to ask for permission from teachers and administrators. In some cases, students have had to rework their ideas until they figured out something that would work. By May, all groups will be implementing their projects and we’ll be closer to celebrating their accomplishments at the end of the school year.


Making the portable classroom village a little prettier.


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2 Responses to Students Apply for Grants to Fund Their Own Projects

  1. That’s a nice idea! Truly, we, teachers need to be more creative and industrious to improve the quality of learning of our students.


  2. I feel like what I’m doing this year is okay. To make a more significant impact, I think a big chunk of the school would need to be a part of the planning and implementation. I’m thinking administrators, specialists, grade levels, and even higher-ups in the district. Problem-based learning would need to be the means for achieving the curricular standards.


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