Red Cross Pet First Aid Skills May Have Saved Two Young Lives Today

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American Red Cross of Southern Nevada Blog

With 30 years Red Cross experience, Doni Ward-McAllister has been a leader for nearly every line of service in the Red Cross. Currently in Preparedness Health and Safety, Doni put her Pet First Aid skills to work today when she happened upon these to little gals in our parking garage this morning. Only a couple weeks old, Doni brought the kittens inside, and has been nursing them back to being alert and wiggling around.

Knowing what to do when a pet is in distress can make the difference in their survival. The American Red Cross offers Pet First Aid to instruct participants on the various responses they might encounter with animals.

This weekend, the Southern Nevada chapter is offering a chance for you to learn what to do in case of a pet emergency. On Saturday, June 14, from 10am to 2pm the Pet First Aid class will be offered…

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