Back to School Tips: What’s for Lunch?

Parents, grandparents and caregivers, I dare you to volunteer at your children’s schools for lunch and eat with the kids. Stand in line, grab your food, pay the cashier and find a seat.

What’s it like?

Maybe it’s exactly the same situation that you experienced when you were a kid. Maybe it’s completely different.

Maybe it’s a pleasant surprise.

Maybe it’s a bit horrifying.

Maybe you are allowed to chat with the kids around you.

Maybe it’s a silent lunch.

Maybe you have lunch before recess.

Maybe you have recess first and then eat lunch.

Maybe you love the food.

Maybe you hate the food.

It’s not a bad idea to know what it’s like to eat lunch at school. It’s an important part of the day. It’s what keeps your kids fueled to the last bell. Once you know what the school lunch experience is like for your kids, you can better make decisions about how to tackle lunch. Will your kids be eating school food or will they bring food from home? Or do you think there is a need for change at your schools? You can think about these issues if you know what is happening.

My local school district, Clark County School District, gives the community access to their nutritional guidelines at: Food Department. Your school district probably has their nutritional guidelines posted online or available at the local schools.

Here are some fun articles to get you inspired to make school lunches with your kids:

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Make your own fruit roll-ups

So, what’s for lunch?

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2 Responses to Back to School Tips: What’s for Lunch?

  1. Mary Campbell says:

    More great information! I love the Bento Boxes.

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