Traveling Cacti

I’m getting ready for a move, and I’m taking my cacti with me.

After attending the Cacti and Succulents Workshop at the Springs Preserve, I decided to take clippings of my cacti. My goal is to get the clippings started in pots so I can replant them in my new backyard.

Here’s how it’s going so far.

  1. The first step was slicing off pieces of cactus. One of my cactus had actually broken, and a big chunk was on the ground. I grabbed that chunk of cactus with tongs and cut it into a couple of pieces with a knife. For the other cacti, I found inconspicuous sections to slice off clippings.

Collapsing Cactus


Cactus Clipping


2. The weirdest part is that you don’t plant or water the clippings right away. Instead, I found a shady spot to leave the clippings so that the cut ends could callous. I left them there for little over a week.IMG_1751

Calloused Cactus

Calloused Cactus

3. I collected empty pots from around the garage and filled them with a cactus potting mix that I picked up at Lowes. Drainage is important. I made sure all the pots had holes on the bottom and were raised off the ground a bit.

4. I planted the clippings, calloused sides in the soil. I didn’t plant them very deep, so some of them needed small sticks to gently brace them up.

Cactus Clippings Planted

5. The cacti are now hanging out in a sunny spot. If all goes well, they will be a heartfelt addition to the desert landscaping at my new home.

Sunny Cactus Clippings

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A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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4 Responses to Traveling Cacti

  1. casey says:

    Hi.. I have the same one. . The one with yellow spikes.. im wondering the name of this cactus?? Can you help me?


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