5 Reasons I Love Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo

1. It’s a ridiculously silly book, which tickled my brain. For example, the story begins with a squirrel and an incident with a vacuum. Don’t worry. The squirrel is okay. Tee hee. Ha ha. LOL.

2. The illustrations, by K.G. Campbell, are attention grabbing, not because of flashiness though. The illustrations are simply just right and realistic.

3. Tantalizing vocabulary can be found at the turn of every page. It’s a great book for introducing kids to words like cynic, vanquished, capacious, irrevocable, and denounced.

4. Although the illuminated adventures are over the top entertaining, the family problems are realistic. Many kids and adults will relate to the struggles the different families face. This book has the potential of comforting many kids who are figuring out life and family and how they fit into all of it.

5. Saying goodbye can be hard, especially if it could be the last one. Dr. Meescham, a sweet character you will meet if you read this book, has a tender way of dealing with this situation. I contemplated whether or not I should quote this character. I decided not to. You will love the quote more if you hear it directly from Dr. Meescham, so be sure to read this book.


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