LeeLoo, Go to Tent

About a year ago, I realized that LeeLoo was kind of overwhelming and pushy whenever someone came into the house. She never jumped on anyone, but she did push me aside and go to town licking guests at the door and whipping them with her out of control tail.

I decided to teach her the command, go to tent (crate). Now, when someone knocks or rings on the doorbell, I have her go into the tent and wait before I let her out. If we have time, Marlene (awesome dog trainer) will help me teach LeeLoo to go to her tent whenever the doorbell rings or when she hears a knock at the door. Even when I’m not home, LeeLoo will have a safe routine to follow when someone is at the door.

Currently, I am training her to stay in the tent until she is cued to come out. Once I open the tent, it’s hard telling if she is going to stay or bolt out. Even in the video, she starts to come out before I say, okay. We’ll just keep practicing. It’s a fun command that serves a useful purpose.


I purchased a soft-sided crate for LeeLoo to give her a safe, cozy, cave-like place to relax in the house. I never had to train her to go inside of it. She felt comfortable with it and went in on her own.

When I trained LeeLoo to go inside on cue, I lured her with a treat. Once she went into the tent, I clicked her behavior and gave her the treat. After a while, LeeLoo would go in on cue without being lured. I progressively increased the amount of time she had to wait in the tent before I clicked her behavior. This allowed me to add in the process of zipping the tent up to keep LeeLoo inside. After staying inside, all zipped up, I clicked LeeLoo’s behavior, opened up the tent and gave her a treat. We still practice this skill on a regular basis because it has been so useful, and I don’t want her to forget it.

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A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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