Weekend Highlights: Crazy Spokes Bike Ride & Taiko

Crazy Spokes Bike Ride

Last Saturday I participated in my first bike ride event. I did the six mile Crazy Spokes family fun ride (there was a 25 mile ride too). I signed up for fun, to have an excuse to wear a tutu and also for informal research because I want to bring the Aeolian Ride to the Southern Nevada region.

The route we travelled was mellow and beautiful.

This looks almost exactly like the route we took.

We rode from Mission Hills Park through a neighborhood to get to the Union Pacific Railroad Trail.

Then we took Paradise Hills Drive to a connector for the River Mountains Loop Trail. This was our 3-mile mark.

Many folks took advantage of the rest station before turning around to head back to the park. I am appreciative of the police officers who escorted our group to help keep everyone safe and on the right route.

Something I learned from attending this event is that the city of Henderson prides itself on being a bike friendly town. There are beautiful trails, a #bikeitorhikeit contest, events and workshops; everything needed for novice to expert bikers and hikers to explore the city. If you are interested in learning more, check out their website, Bike Henderson.

Taiko Beginner Performer Class

I don’t have any pictures from the taiko class I took over the weekend because I was busy doing a variety of push ups across the room and standing in a lunge position for most of the morning. Taiko requires conditioning because you have to take a deep lunge stance and hold up your arms for long periods of time to play properly. It is a great workout. I never thought I could learn how to play an instrument and get a workout at the same time. I like this concept. For anyone who feels like they are slacking on New Year’s resolutions dealing with fitness and learning an instrument, this could help you get back on track.

Check out the Las Vegas Kaminari Facebook Page and send them an email at lvktaiko@gmail.com to find out about workshops, classes and performances.

Video: Aloha Fun Run and Festival

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