Time to Bury the Bokashi

Finally! I’ve buried my Bokashi compost. Now it will further decompose and the acidity from the fermentation process will be neutralized. Then, I will be able to add it to areas where I want to plant shrubs and flowers.

I’m using a method that I learned in a class at the Springs Preserve. The Bokashi compost mixture will be buried under a stepping stone and out of the way.

Materials Needed: a bucket that can hold all of the Bokashi compost and layers of soil, rubber gloves, a drill, a shovel, and a stepping stone that is large enough to cover the top of the bucket

Following is a quick run down of the process I used to bury the Bokashi mixture.

1. I had to dig a hole large enough for my bucket. This took a bit longer than I had expected, about three hours spread out over three days.

IMG_3001IMG_30062. I drilled holes all around the bucket and into the bottom of the bucket. The holes are large enough for earthworms to pass through.

3. I placed the bucket into the hole. The first layer in the bucket was a combination of soil from a bag and dirt from my yard. Because there are so many rocks in the dirt, I used a litter box shovel to keep the large rocks out.

4. I alternated between layers of soil & dirt and layers of Bokashi. I wore long rubber gloves to keep the smell of fermentation off of my skin.

5. I covered the Bokashi with one last layer of soil and dirt. Then, I added the stepping stone to the top.

Very soon, I will be adopting earthworms from one of the Kindergarten classes at my school. Some of the earthworms will be added to my mom’s garden. The others will find a new home in my Bokashi compost mixture. The acidity of the Bokashi mixture should not be a problem because it will have had plenty of time to neutralize. If all goes well, the earthworms will thrive in this composting environment.

I’m getting so close to being able to use the compost in my yard so that I can plant flowers and shrubs. I can’t wait to get things growing.

About misslittleowl

A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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