Weekend Highlights: Sustainability Tour, The CSA Cookbook, Drip Irrigation

Sustainabilty and Recycling Tour

From the heights of the Apex Landfill to the depths of the underground water filters at The Palazzo, Friday and Saturday were all about trash and recycling and repurposing in Nevada. The teacher training I attended was developed by the Desert Research Institute. We are not mandated to recycle in Nevada, so I feel lucky that we have recycling available here and businesses that take pride in their efforts to be as green as possible. There is so much potential in Nevada to grow our recycling efforts and develop new ideas and processes for better waste management.

Recycling Center

Recycling Center

Recycling Plastics

Recycling Plastics

Recycling Papers and Plastics

Mountain of Recycling

Views from the Apex Landfill

Views from the Apex Landfill

New Cell Being Lined

New Cell Being Lined at the Landfill

The CSA Cookbook

My friend Linda, author of The CSA Cookbook, was in town briefly. She did a presentation about cooking with the edibles you can acquire from community supported agriculture. If you are looking for practical cooking ideas and getting the most out of all parts of your veggies, definitely get a copy of her book. Even better, find out if Linda will be touring in your area at http://www.gardenbetty.com/events/.

Linda’s presentation was at the new Writer’s Block book shop in Downtown Las Vegas. This was my first visit, and I recommend stopping by. The shop is cute and hip and quirky. It’s also the only local book shop in Vegas.

Drip Irrigation

After digging out trenches for my backyard drip irrigation system, I invited my parents over to help me figure out the rest of the process. We went to the Star Nursery on Blue Diamond Road. Bill, one of the friendly folks who works at Star Nursery, helped me find the supplies I needed. He was patient and knowledgeable about drip irrigation, so I managed to get everything I needed to accomplish my morning goals in one trip.

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