House Training: Week 4

The power of the clicker is astonishing. Last week, LeeLoo took care of business outside before I left for work every day. We went from complete confusion to a pretty solid understanding in a week’s time.

Also, we’ve been having more success when I come home from work. LeeLoo went to the bathroom outside as soon as I got home almost every day last week.

Just in case you’re wondering, a clicker is a small device that emits a loud clicking sound when you press on it. Every time LeeLoo goes to the bathroom outside, I click her behavior as soon as she starts going. Once she finishes, she runs into the house for her treat, which is a big chunk of boiled chicken. Due to prior training with the clicker, LeeLoo knows that she has done a behavior I’m looking for when she hears the click, and she knows she’s eligible for a reward.

Now, I need to schedule time to be the crazy neighbor who waits outside, watches the dog from the window, and waits to see signs of impending indoor potty incidents. I think I’m going to fill an empty plastic bottle with pennies and shake it as I walk through the front door when LeeLoo starts looking for a place to potty inside. Then, I will let her out to take care of business properly. I don’t know if this is going to work, but it’s worth a try.

Luckily, Mayu the cat is litter box trained and enjoys taking naps outside while I wait for LeeLoo to take care of business.

Mayu Napping

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