Chris Riddell’s Ottoline Series (Junior Level Novel)

Ottoline Series

Currently, there are three novels in the Ottoline series. I’ve managed to check out two at my local library, Ottoline and the Yellow Cat & Ottoline Goes to School. The main character is a young girl who lives mostly on her own because her parents are traveling the world. This leads to unique adventures and a character with a curious and free spirit.

5 Reasons I Love the Ottoline Series

  1. In a tech savvy world, these books reveal to young readers the marvels of postcards and handwritten letters.
  2. The main character is an example of how to keep a personal notebook, not exactly a diary. Ottoline uses her notebook to make plans, document observations, and record what catches her eye. It may inspire kids to start a notebook of their own.
  3. The pages are filled with tight lined illustrations and witty labels. It is almost like a comic, but still written in a more traditional novel format. I like this hybrid form because I struggle with reading full on graphic novels. I love all of the illustrations, but I often don’t know where to start reading first. So the Ottoline series was a real treat because it was just right for my reading style.
  4. Because of the illustrations, this book may be helpful to older struggling readers who want to experience more sophisticated literature. Since the book is filled with intriguing characters and plot lines, it’s a book that can potentially entertain all ages.
  5. There are many silly, yet important details in these novels. They help you understand the characters,come in handy when solving mysteries, and allow your own imagination to run a little wild too.

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