Beware the Sticker Machine Fundraiser

I’ve worked at a few schools that have sticker vending machines to increase funds. Usually, the kids have access to them at lunch time. Once they eat, they can go get a sticker. It’s fun because they never know exactly what kind of sticker they will get, but they can choose the category of sticker they want. The stickers are often silly cartoon characters and cute animals.

Sticker Vending Machine

Sticker Vending Machine

I normally don’t pay attention to the sticker machine, but one day I looked at it, and Grumpy Cat was staring me in the face with a special message. His sticker said, “Life is good. You should get one.”

Grumpy Cat Being Grumpy

Grumpy Cat Being Grumpy


I was so offended. Then I remembered I was at school and that students buy these stickers, and see this message every day. The rest of the Grumpy Cat stickers weren’t that great either.

I sent a photo to my principal asking that the Grumpy Cat stickers be removed. Ultimately, the whole sticker machine was taken out of the building.

Sorry kids.

If your school has a sticker vending machine, it might be a good idea to double check its contents on a regular basis. It’s easy to take for granted that businesses helping schools with fundraisers will make sure that their products are kid friendly. Sometimes they aren’t exactly on the same page.

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