Book Review: Gossamer, a junior level novel by Lois Lowry


At the library, I was hoping to find a spooky young adult or junior novel. What I found was a hauntingly sweet novel by Lois Lowry, Gossamer. I liked the title and the cover looked ghostly, so I decided to go ahead and check it out. Lowry is the author of award winning novels, such as, The Giver and Number the Stars. Her writing bestows a trust unto young readers to be open to the diversity of the human condition. Her writing feels like a request to act with compassion and bravery; to positively impact humanity in ways both grand in scale, as well as, quiet and personal.

5 Reasons Why I Loved Gossamer

  1. If you’ve ever wondered where dreams come from, this story offers a unique tale to pique your imagination.
  2. If you’ve ever wondered why nightmares exist and how they can be so horrible and realistic, this tale weaves an answer to that mystery as well.
  3. The heroine of this story, Littlest One, is an unlikely hero. She’s tiny, asks a million questions, and is easily distracted. But with guidance from an understanding mentor, her questions help her to learn and her distractions give her insight, which would have otherwise been overlooked.
  4. I love the relationship that builds between Littlest One and her mentor, Thin Elderly. Unlike her previous mentor, Thin Elderly delights in the curiosity of Littlest One. He is able to identify her strengths and help her build confidence.
  5. I didn’t realize that Lowry addressed child neglect, abuse and foster care when I started reading Gossamer. She does so in such an amazing way. This story highlights the hope of what foster care can be; a temporary, yet loving household where a child can be safe, and a moment in time when parents have a chance to positively change a situation, or life, gone awry. It’s a chance to rebuild a family. This story shows that it isn’t easy, but that it can be done.

*This story reveals abuse that some of the characters have endured. This may be overwhelming for sensitive and young readers. If your child is reading this novel, you may want to read it too so that you can fully discuss the difficult situations with your child. 

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