Self-Imposed Practically Professional Work Uniform

Clothing Schedule

Clothing Schedule

I’m quite sure I won’t be winning any fashion awards for this blog post, but that’s okay. Instead, I’ve won more time and less hassle when trying to figure out what I’m going to wear to work in the morning. On Mondays and Tuesdays I wear a blue polo shirt and grey pants. On Wednesday, I wear a bright pink shirt and greenish pants. I round up the week with a mint green shirt and black pants. A little bit of variety, bright colors and practical cargo pants have made my life so much easier.

Another perk of wearing a self-imposed practically professional uniform to work is the lack of laundry waiting to be cleaned at the end of the week. There’s less sorting to be done and everything can be hung up in the closet in Monday through Friday order.

I bought polo shirts from Costco. Polo shirts are not my favorite; however, these aren’t so bad because I was able to get them in petite. For me this means no droopy shoulder sleeves. The available colors are bright and fun too.

The pants were a bit more of an investment (although I did get a few pairs at the REI Outlet Store), but they are well worth it, and should last a while. I bought the REI brand Sahara roll-up pant in a petite size (Yay! More size choices!). They wick, roll-up, fit right, and have a fabulous cargo pocket for toting a cell phone (easy access to Class Dojo at all times).

If you feel like trying to pick out clothes to wear in the morning is a chore, I highly recommend creating a uniform for yourself. Be creative and have fun with it.

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