Sketch, Doodle, Draw

Something I absolutely delight in as a teacher is finding and appreciating the imaginations of my students through their drawings. Sometimes I receive these delightful treats as gifts, “I drew this for you Miss M.” Other times I grumble at a piece of paper on the floor only to find that within its crumples is a comical scene from daily school life. The folders students keep their work in this year are covered in detailed doodles of fantastical creatures, birds, favorite cartoon characters, and inventions. Oh, and then there are the fabulous doodles on the backs of assignments I’m grading, which are highly entertaining and distracting (definitely adds an extra hour or two to the laborious task).

A couple of weeks ago I happily stumbled upon an interview with illustrator and author, Chris Riddell. In June of 2015, he was appointed Children’s Laureate in England. This two year appointment is bestowed upon writers or illustrators with immense talent and accomplishments in the realm of creating children’s books. In the interview, Riddell speaks of the importance of being able to think visually to develop creativity. He expresses the need for children to have sketchbooks and to not be afraid of drawing. He also speaks to the importance of the school librarians who know just the right books to put into the hands of children to create lifelong readers.

Listening to Riddell’s interview inspired me to take another look at the most recent sketches, doodles and drawings in my classrooms, take pictures of them, and share them with you.

Click on this link to hear Chris Riddell’s interview at BBC News.

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A teacher writing about local happenings, school adventures, intriguing books, desert gardening, and whatever else she stumbles upon that needs sharing.
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3 Responses to Sketch, Doodle, Draw

  1. Helen says:

    Children’s drawings are so touching – and insightful. We don’t have room for all my daughter’s drawings but I’d like to keep as many as possible. If only she would take to reading…..

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    • I love that you are saving many of your daughter’s drawings. They will be such a wonderful treasure to look back on as time goes by. It can be tough to get kids hooked on reading. Maybe she would like some nonfiction, how to draw books. Or maybe even finding picture books with illustrations she would like to try to imitate could get her exploring the pages of books.


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