Kids Can Learn About Habitats with Free Online Games

My students are currently learning about habitat. In fact, they are mapping out the school for the citizen science project YardMap. I suspect that some of my students will finish earlier than others during different parts of this classwork, so I’ve found some fun online resources to further their understanding of habitat.

Fetch! Draw a Habitat from PBS Kids

I’m finding myself sending my students to the different games on Fetch! more often as we cover different topics throughout the year. The games are kid friendly and cover all sorts of topics that make kids think and problem solve. In the Draw a Habitat game, kids are presented with the silhouettes of a variety of imaginary creatures. When they click on a creature, they are given some basic facts about the creature’s physical characteristics, its eating habits, and other relevant information. Students are then asked to imagine and draw an ideal habitat for the creature. They are constantly reminded to think about the needs of the creature they have chosen. When students are finished they can write about the habitat they’ve drawn, save the project and print it. If they have a PBS Kids account, the habitat drawings can be sent to Ruff. He chooses habitats to be featured in the gallery. Students can also take a look through the gallery and rate the featured habitats.

Because the creatures are imaginary, I think this activity will truly show me whether or not my students understand habitat. They won’t be able to research the typical habitat of these imaginary creatures. My students will have to carefully read the descriptions about the creatures and be sure to understand the vocabulary. Also, they will need to combine their imaginations with evaluation skills to determine if their habitat drawings make sense based on the descriptions that they read.

Build an Online Habitat from Switch Zoo

This game seems like a fast and fun way to review habitat with kids. As soon as the website appears, there is an organism that doesn’t quite look like it belongs in its current environment. The player can change the main organism, the weather, the setting, and vegetation until all of their choices reach 100% on the compatibility meter.

Design a Habitat from Wildscreen Arkive

In this game, students first learn details about the black footed ferret by watching a slide show narrated by Sir Chumley Handlebar-Moustache. When the slide show is over, students get to design a habitat for the black footed ferret based on what they’ve learned from the slide show. Students submit their designs until they are accepted by the research team that will build their habitat design. Students will even get a follow-up message from the research team.





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